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Steam King Inc.
Steam King Inc.
What makes us the best carpet cleaner in town?
So what is different with our equipment and what does that do for you as a customer? First we will show you a picture of our equipment.
    (6" Tubing) (Vacuum unit size of an engine) (Nissan industrial car engine)
You can see how this unit could not fit into a van. We use box trucks to house this massive 4000 lbs carpet cleaning system. For getting your carpets as clean as possible you need 4 key components: Vacuum, Hot water, Agitation, & Cleaners in that order. The most important is the vacuum for getting your carpets and tile super clean, and here is why. You can put a ton of water, cleaners, and scrub it into the carpet, but if you can't suck it all out of the carpet you are leaving dirt, sand, residue, and excess water in the carpet, which can lead to MOLD. We will go over each point and you can compare it to any other carpet cleaner and see why they don't come close to what we can offer you.
Our vacuum is rated at 1200 cfm's of suction. This will extract all the deep down dirt embedded in your traffic areas, which will allow us to use twice as much water to flush the carpet, & will have the carpets dry in half the time as other companies. We can clean distances up to 6000 ft long from the truck (as tall as the space needle in Seattle, WA!).
The second most important part of cleaning is the water temperatures.
Our system will clean up to 300 degrees with up to 3500 psi of pressure. We use water softeners in all our setups. Using very hot steam water not only cleans better but also disinfects the carpet due to the temperatures. If you take your dishwasher it will heat the water hotter than the tap water to get all the oils and food off the dishes. Your carpet is no different to get the oils, dirt and spots off your carpet. The hotter the water, the better it cleans. Try washing your dishes with cold water and you will have to use a lot of soap and it still won't clean as well as just using hot water alone.

The third part is the agitation or scrubbing. We use a power wand that does 960 cleaning passes per minute, deep cleaning the carpet. Click on our Carpet cleaning tap to go into more depth of our cleaning tool.

The fourth part of cleaning is the cleaning detergents. We use soap free cleaners that are safe for us, our kids, and our environment. We use products certified by Green Seal, Eco-label, & Envirodesic, a tough seal to pass. Go to our carpet tab on the left to learn more about our cleaners.
Other companies have around 300-600 cfm's of suction, a quarter to half as much. They will not be able to flush and extract the deep down dirt. They have to use less water, and will still have longer dry times than us.

Our competitors water temperatures may reach 200-240 degrees. Their pressure is rated at 1200 psi. Our competition has to use more detergents and degreasers to remove the oil and dirt from the carpet. These cleaners are not fully flushed out and are left in the carpet creating residue, which will attract dirt. The stronger the cleaner the worse it is for you and the enviroment.

Many reasons. We will go over some reasons why we can out clean anyone . For one, we use the most powerful patented carpet cleaning machines. Our carpet cleaning setup cost over $130,000 and is not some small van mounted carpet cleaning machine that most companies will show up at your home with.
They will most likely use a carpet wand, a tool that has been used since the 70's. Out dated and not effective compared to todays cleaning tools. Click on our carpet tap to learn more.

Many companies use very harsh cleaners to make up for what their equipment lacks in performance. Not only are they not good for you, but also a lot is left in your carpets along with the deep down dirt they can't get out.
"Worlds most powerful carpet cleaning system"
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