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The reason "one product" supermarket or hardware store carpet stain removers don't work is because there are five types of household carpet stains. No single stain remover works on all five types of stains, which means you need the right stain remover for your needs!
At Last! Professional Carpet Spotting Solutions for Your Needs!

Did you know that the number one reason homeowners call a professional carpet cleaner is because of spots and stains? While all carpeting requires professional cleaning at least once a year to keep it clean, fresh and looking its best, spots and stains can ruin the otherwise beautiful appearance of your home.

That's why the question professional carpet cleaners always hear at the end of every cleaning job is, "What do I do if I spill something on the carpet in between cleanings?"

There's been no easy answer to that question because until now, all consumers have had access to are "one product" stain removers available at supermarkets or hardware stores. And while these products might remove some of the most basic stains, they fail on many common household stains and spills.

The reason for this is simple. Because there are many different types of stains you need different types of stain removers to remove them! One stain remover simply can't do the job on every type of stain and spill.

The Five Types of Household Stains

There are five categories of stains typically found in the home. Whether or not you get certain types of stains in your home depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you don't have pets you are unlikely to need a pet stain and odor remover on hand. But if you have small children you'll probably be faced with juice and dye stains from food and beverage spills from time to time.

That's why Steam King has developed five specialty carpet stain removers, one for each group of stains found in the home! You can select only those necessary for your particular lifestyle! And used correctly, these professionally formulated stain removal agents will remove practically every stain and spill you come across safely and easily.

Fast Action is the Key

The key to successful stain removal is fast action. That's why we recommend that you keep all the stain removers that apply to your particular lifestyle on hand. That way, they're right there when you need them!

The five Steam King stain removers are extremely effective formulations, while they will often work wonders on old spots and stains, always try to perform stain removal immediately or as soon as possible. The sooner you treat a spill the more likely you will remove it completely, keeping your carpeting looking great and preventing a small problem from turning into a big one.

We also recommend that you have your carpet cleaning professional treat your carpets with DuPont Teflon, 3M Scotchgard high quality carpet protector after cleaning, as these products do work to protect carpets and allow stains and spills to come out even more easily.
Safe to Use But Use Common Sense Too! 

Steam King stain removers are simple and easy to use with clear directions. They are non-toxic and contain no bleaches or chlorinated solvents and are safe to use. But as with any cleaning product, keep them stored securely and out of reach of children and keep children, pets and grown-ups off of stained areas until completely dry. And always follow all label instructions carefully!
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