As you see, the carpet wand has a vacuum port and two water jets, compared to our T-REX that has 6 vacuum ports and 6 water jets. With this tool you cannot see the water you are extracting, so you have no idea if you have removed all the soil in the carpet. This tool is also pushed back and forth by the technician. The problem with this is you are getting 2-4 passes over the carpet fiber, and only cleaning back and forth, not in a circular motion. The other problem is this: since this is a manual tool, as the technician gets tired, the quality drops.
Our tool has 6 vacuum ports, and water jets that deep clean and flush out the carpet. Ours does 960 cleaning passes per minute, 900x more than a standard carpet wand. The tool does the work for you, so you get an even clean in your entire home. It also has a clear tube to see the water we are extracting. This allows us to make sure we pull the dirt and sand out of the carpet. The tool cleans more like a dish washer or clothes washer, cleaning all sides of the carpet fiber, doing multiple passes. It is also deep flushing the carpet fiber getting the dirt and sand at the base of the carpet. Just imagine wearing the same clothes for a year, then putting them in your washing machine and letting it do a few passes, then taking them out. Your clothes will not get clean with only a few passes. If you only clean your carpet once a year and give it a few passes you will get the same results as your clothes. Our tool will out clean any tool on the market.
Our competition uses something called a carpet wand.
We use a powerful deep scrubber called an T-REX, while most use a carpet wand.  We will show you how our state of the art tool will out clean a manual wand.
Soap Free: This is how we're going to get you cleaner then ever!
In the past, soap (or carpet shampoo) was used to clean carpets. Seems logical to clean something with soap, doesn't it? In the case of carpets, a soap-based carpet cleaner actually attracts dirt in your carpet after it has
been cleaned, dulls your carpet and spots return quickly limiting the life of your carpet. So why would you use soap cleaner? Well, we don't!

Steam King uses an effective truck-mounted cleaning system that pumps large volumes of pre-softened hot water through the carpet. The water is then removed with a powerful vacuum within the truck that sucks all the water back out with any dirt or other unwanted stuff from your carpet. The vacuum is so powerful your carpets are left almost dry! A carpet that was dull, dirty, and full of spots will become a healthier, softer and cleaner carpet. Guaranteed!

Steam King uses SoapFree Miracle Cleaner and Anti Allergen, which is non-toxic, odor free, environmentally safe and as the name says: SOAP FREE!!! It is safe for children and pets, so no need to worry!
"Worlds most powerful carpet cleaning system"
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